The decision to get work done from a professional company like ours or through age old trusted carpenters, sure bothers mostwhile doing up their homes. However, if one probes within to answer few simple questions listed below, one would sure arrive at a more informed decision.

  1. How much time are you willing to invest?

One of the important benefits of going with a company like oursis the time saved. We function on a time deadline, usually of around three to four weeks. There’s a lot more failure of time commitments when it comes to carpentry, which has a tradition of extendable time, very normal in Indian circumstances. If you can afford unlimited time length for completion of your work and have enough patience, you might consider carpentry.


  1. The budgetary consideration

Is your budget fixed or flexible?

We can allow you to fix your budget and then provide you adesign solution to match the same. The carpenter would initially agree to complete your work in your budget but you would end up spending a lot more than what you had budgeted for. You will definitely find budgets in control when you’re going with us. Our quotations are absolutely transparent and we deliver what we promise. The cost escalation if any, even on the raw material in due course of implementation is absorbed by the company once the design and corresponding price is agreed upon.


  1. Non stop surveillance

Once a carpenter is appointed to do a particular job, he would literally move into your home with his team and create the entire furniture at site, leading to absolute mess and chaos at your end. You also need to be mentally, physically and financially prepared to make available all raw materials at site at short notice. This would leave you exhausted, both mentally and physically. While, if you assign the job to modular furniture professional like ours, we would ensure smooth running of the entire process. No carpentry kind of work is done at your site and the kitchen and wardrobe is brought at site in knockdown or module form and installed at site, with no mess and confusion, within a span of 2-3 days. All the modules are prepared using state of the art raw materials and machinery and hence utmost standardization and precision is maintained, which leads to long term smooth functioning of all accessories and hardware.


  1. Finding the right professional company

For finding a carpenter you have to use your networking resources. You have to largely rely on references from your friends and relatives or neighbours to find a reliable carpenter. For finding the most suitable professional company, we would suggest you adopt a similar route. Do your survey online, and go by larger facts and figures, credentials of the company, track record, testimonials and facilities in hand.


  1. Technical aspect of materials

It is very difficult for a layman to differentiate in variety of plywood and other wooden raw material, which is the backbone of a kitchen. A carpenter can never give a warranty or guaranty on his products. He can simply buy raw material, cut to size  and install at your place. We are bound to provide you quality products with warranties. We use branded hardware’s with most of them with life time warranties.You can choose the quality and brand of products with us. We will give you what you have paid for. Since, most of our raw material is sourced from Europe, you can rest assured that nothing but the best reaches your house. We are direct importers for most of these raw materials. Hence, we can confidently give you warranties on the same.


  1. Transparent tracking of entire process.

When you go with a carpenter, project completion dates are not known or defined. You are not updated and sure about what’s going on and how fast is the work progressing. You are in a total confusion and frustration and your house-warming party seems delayed forever. We provide you with a service where you are updated at every stage. You can track the process with us at any given point in time. We give you a deadline for completion of your project so that you are easily able to plan your other things such as your shifting etc. We always respond to your queries for your complete satisfaction. This leaves you relaxed and relieved.



  1. Standardized yet customized

Most people are under the notion that a factory-made product like ours is not durable, as it is made using low-quality low-cost unbranded material, keeping mass production in mind. They feel they can keep quality under check if they buy the raw material themselves and hire a carpenter at home to do the job under their supervision. However, it is a myth.

While, one may strive to buy the best raw material from the market he may be easily fleeced by a large number of traders who sell fake material. A Professional company like ours who has bulk buying has contracts with most reputed board and branded hardware manufacturers in India and Europe. Hence our raw materials reach us directly from their factories without the involvement of any middlemen, thus eliminating any scope of duplicate or sub standard material being used. We are in fact more concerned about our reputation, and would use only the best raw materials to develop a long-term happy customer for us. Even though most modules are standardized, these have been created after many years of experience and expertise into the industry and form an almost exhaustive list of cabinetries required for Kitchens and Wardrobes. However, we are always open to creating special sizes for each client as and when required.


  1. Advise of using more cost-effective materials

We always suggest you to use cost effective material based on their application. It is not necessary to use the best and most expensive material at every place. We can use application based raw material to balance the budget. Some materials which are economical give you great options in terms of style, design and help keep the budget low without any compromise on quality, look, practicality. These points are always discussed with you in our meetings. However, they need to be made in a factory setting as they cannot be worked upon with traditional hand tools. If you want to keep this option open, then carpenter is not the viable option for this.


So, when making that choice between carpenter-made furniture and factory-made , do consider and weigh the points listed above, and then take a thoughtful decision.